Voucher redemption

Epicurean Vouchers

Find below everything you need to know about our vouchers. We have three different Epicurean vouchers:

Collection vouchers (monetary)

Can be used at any pub or inn within The Epicurean Collection towards food and drink, overnight stays or both.

Inn vouchers (monetary)

Can be used at a specific pub or inn within The Epicurean Collection towards food and drink, overnight stays or both.

Experience vouchers

This voucher comprises an overnight stay at a specific inn in The Epicurean Collection, breakfast, dinner allowance and an Experience for two. This voucher type must be booked by the customer through The Epicurean Club office, since it involves booking all the component parts including third party Experience. You should not need to redeem any of these voucher types.

Please note - The full voucher balance must be used in one transaction; we cannot offer cashback or split the balance between multiple visits. Voucher extensions can be requested by the customer to the Epicurean Club. Please ask them to contact us directly. If someone has a physical voucher which was extended the expiry date noted on the physical voucher may have passed. The best way to check it is in date is through our website (see below).

What do the vouchers look like?

Our gift vouchers are either physical printed vouchers that come in three designs or an e-voucher that is emailed to the customer as a PDF. The important information is the Voucher Code. Scroll through the gallery to see what the vouchers look like:

How to Redeem a Voucher

Visit www.epicurean.club/voucher-redemption and follow the steps below to redeem your voucher. This is important because it ensures the customer cannot use their voucher again.

1. Enter your inn name and find it in the drop down list then enter the 4 digit PIN (currently 2019) to log in

2. Enter the Voucher Reference Code into the box and click continue

3. Check all the voucher details including venue and expiry date

4. Your voucher has successfully been redeemed. This means the customer cannot use this voucher again.