Contactless Trusted Trace

Appropriate contact tracing for customers and staff will be legally required in all hospitality venues from Friday 18th September. New guidance requires contact details to be supplied to the NHS "without delay" and recommends a contactless system to record arrival time.

We've partnered with Trusted Trace to supply fully GDPR compliant and contactless Track and Trace software.

It does not require any app installation by a guest and so is frictionless.

It is approved by the Cabinet Office so should be seen as "gold standard" by all Local Authorities. It will be kept up to date following all government requirements so you won't have ongoing IT or resource costs in updating an in-house system.

How it works

  • Customers and staff use a QR code, link or unique website code to register their contact details and complete a Covid declaration, using any device.
  • It can be completed in advance or on arrival. No app download is required and it works on mobile data; no WiFi needed.
  • Customers instantly receive a Check-in Pass and unique QR code that can be used to register their time of arrival, and departure if required.
  • The pinpoint option enables you to record table numbers, reducing the number of guests that would need to be alerted in case of an outbreak.
  • Contact details can instantly be supplied direct to NHS contact tracers on request. All data is securely stored and deleted after 21 days.

We have negotiated a special rate of £14.99 / month per premises, or pay-as-you-go option is £0.20 per visitor.

You'll be supplied your own unique link to send out to guests and a QR poster to display as customers arrive.

Anyone still using a paper system, or adapting a booking system, should consider this as a suitable alternative.