• Small batch, distilled and bottled in Hampshire
  • Inspired by nature and environmentally friendly
  • Award-winning
  • Uses ethical and responsible business practices
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Their Story

It starts with their location. They craft 'True River Spirit' on the banks of the world famous River Test, in the heart of the English countryside in Hampshire.

The river is internationally renowned for its fly fishing and 'gin-clear waters' and it is this backdrop that provides the inspiration behind The River Test Distillery.

Their gin is the spirit of the river and its botanicals in a bottle, which in itself tells their story.

Conservation and the Environment

The distillery is situated in a setting that contains two Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - the meadow and the river.

They have a vested interest in conserving this beautiful river, as the water used in the distillation of the gin comes from the same aquifer that gives the river its 'gin-clear' waters. One of the distillery's responsibilities is to control the water levels, and with the experience and knowledge of their local river contractor, they have seen improved river flow and the welcome return of water voles and other wildlife.

They are proud of the fact that they have overseen the management of these vital areas and improved the conditions of these SSSIs.

The Distilling Process

In 2017 they enrolled on a distilling course in Sunderland and joined other enthusiasts from all over the world. It was on this course that they heard about a Dutch company called iStill that was innovating the process of distillation and bringing it into the 21st Century. Intrigued, they then enrolled on the iStill University course and travelled to Woerden near Amsterdam in The Netherlands, to meet Odin and the team and learn more about iStill.

The versatility of the iStill allows them to create different products. The automation and robotisation gives them complete control over the spirits' production process which means they can create the same handcrafted recipes time after time.


The River Test Gins