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Pop the kettle on, or even better, pour yourself a glass and settle in - we've got some exciting things going on at the Epicurean Club that we would love to share with you.


What does that mean?

The Epicurean Club is a passionate believer in the great British pub & inn and the great British countryside, and we only invite pubs and inns to join the Collection where they share our ethos and values. We then support members of the Collection through our community to not only increase revenue (footfall growth, partner brand enhancement), but also to help increase profit (driving a higher value customer and reducing costs).

With the British tourism industry increasing year on year, we plan for our Collection to be at the heart of this growth by helping our audience explore more of Britain through the Collection, and grow the Collection's share of the consumer spend - a customer of one of the Collection should be a customer of the rest of the Collection.

We achieve this as a marketing channel and room booking platform for the Collection, targeted at a highly relevant and engaged audience and encouraging them to use the Collection as the platform to discover Britain; and as a community and network for our Collection to share ideas and support each other, and with our purchasing group helping to lower costs.

  • Premium invite-only Collection of best Pubs with Rooms and Inns - already 180 sites and growing. A true kite mark of quality for the best pubs and inns across Britain
  • Website showcasing the Pubs and Inns
  • 'Live' booking availability through our booking platform
  • Free to join and only 10% commission on room bookings
  • Free marketing through our channels - email, influencer and partner brand led
  • Keep consumer spend within the Collection to grow the Collection's share of the domestic staycation market
  • Leverage our content and partnerships to provide your guests with more value at no cost to you
  • High spending customers, 23% more spend per head, plus we have an established loyalty programme
  • Major Brand Partners to add value - Chase Distillery, Double Dutch and Musto
  • Community networking and support channels with like-minded owners, supported with our insight and analysis
  • Flexible purchasing group, leveraging the buying power of the Collection to reduce costs and increase support from relevant suppliers who offer highest quality service

Our Collection, Friends & Partner brands


Next Steps

To enquire about joining the Collection, please contact our Inn Curator, David Hancock