The Driver's Tipple

The Cotswolds, England

A true London Dry Gin alternative for the designated drivers that is uncompromisingly refreshing in taste. Launched by former British racing driver Hamish Gordon in September 2018, The Driver's Tipple caters for drivers and all consumers who wish to enjoy a refreshingly sophisticated, non-alcoholic drink.

Having given up alcohol, Hamish noticed a distinct lack of alternatives that were neither sweet or sickly, nor even tasty. Having always enjoyed a good gin and tonic, Hamish created a premium non-alcoholic spirit with all the flavours of a traditional London Dry Gin, just without the effects of alcohol.

This exciting premium non-alcoholic spirit is distilled with all the classic gin botanicals including prominent notes of juniper with ginger, orris root, cardamom, grapefruit and coriander. What's more it's entirely sugar-free, making it a low calorie alternative for those seeking a healthier alternative cocktail.

The Driver's Drinks Company, based in the Cotswolds, sells The Driver's Tipple in outlets throughout the UK including Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Venues and Fine Food Stores as well as through a number of selected online retail sites.


Our Market Place offer

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