Steam Cleaning & Fogging

Steam Cleaning & Fogging

We appreciate that all of our inns are enhancing cleaning and sanitising standards to ensure both guests and staff are not only satisfied but safe and confident to return. A number of sites have already opted for Steam Cleaning and Chemical Fogging to take them to a Gold Standard.

We have negotiated with OspreyDeepclean to exclusively offer our inns a 20% discount off of two package deals that include multi-function steam and vacuum machines, compact steam cleaners, plus the tools and chemicals needed for Fogging.

Thomas Stuecken, Chairman of OspreyDC, has committed to personally oversee the enquiries and orders made by our inns. His team have secured a regular supply of fogging chemical to make sure they are ready for reorders while demand is high.


OspreyDeepclean design and manufacture bespoke scientifically proven dry steam cleaning and sanitation equipment for the home and the workplace - across all market sectors.

It might be hard to believe that clean cold tap water is all that is needed to fight infections but when heated to over 100 degrees Celsius, the water content is reduced to less than 5%, resulting in super-heated dry steam. Steam cleaning machines easily clean, degrease and sanitise surfaces to the most exacting hygiene standards.

With the addition of a fogging tool applicator, when used in conjunction with an approved chemical, transforms your steam cleaning machine into a fogging machine. Disinfectant foggers are the ideal way to help reduce the spread of viral infections; infection control fogging disperses non-toxic, non-corrosive disinfectant into the air killing 99.99% of known viruses and bacteria. This alternative weapon is ideal in the fight to combat infections and cross contamination's and has been independently and scientifically validated for its bactericidal efficacy.

Check out an Expert Opinion from the German Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology.

Our prices

£2,275.00 - Premium Cleaning Package (Saving 20% from list price).

£1,603.70 - Good Housekeeping Package (Saving 20% from list price).

10% discount off the Robby and SteamCare ranges.

Prices are subject to VAT.

Lead time and delivery

Delivery within 48 hours.

Delivery at cost and quoted per location.

Please note that stock levels may fluctuate due to the volatility of the current market.


Payment direct with an account set up and proforma.​

Online ordering available on the OspreyDeepclean website once your account has been set up using password: EPICUREAN 2020


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