The wholesale marketplace for artisan flavour discovery

ShelfNow has built a new way to distribute food & beverage products which makes product sourcing more transparent and up to 50% cheaper than the traditional wholesalers.

The wholesale marketplace enables buyers in retail and food service to order unique food & beverage products from smaller, high-quality, UK and EU producers. Designed to make F&B procurement more affordable and curated, while offering payment credit terms of up to 60 days and marketplace support.

With a strong focus on sustainability and championing independent brands, ShelfNow provides a range of amazing products with a great variety and innovation from alternative meat, Mediterranean classics, to UK's most premium drinks. They cover all lifestyles, locality preferences and trends.

Benefits of sourcing F&B products via ShelfNow

Artisan Product Discovery

ShelfNow take pride in being a carefully curated platform that takes the sourcing of artisan producers as seriously as you do. They find new and innovative products and carefully match them to your preferences, ensuring no more fruitless searching!

Increase sales margins

On ShelfNow, you will be able to buy directly from producers at manufacturer prices, meaning low MOQs and on average 25% cheaper than the wholesale average.

Trade with confidence

The ShelfNow customer care team is always on hand to help with any problems thatmay arise whether relating to payments, refunds or delivery.


What’s available on ShelfNow?

ShelfNow's ethos is to support innovation and sustainability of the many small and medium sized businesses within the food supply chain. Here are some of our favourite products at ShelfNow.