Sapling Vodka

London, England

Vodka that leaves a good taste in your mouth

Made in the heart of London, Sapling use local ingredients to reduce transport emissions. It is four times distilled from 100% British wheat with charcoal filtered, de-ionised water. The high starch content of the wheat leaves the fresh finish and a hint of natural sweetness that makes Sapling so easy to drink. It lends itself beautifully to a martini, vodka tonic, or on the rocks.

With the option of a cost effective 5L BIB refill, Sapling can serve as a quality, cost-efficient house pour.

Buy one get one tree

Tree planting and rural agriculture is at the heart of the Sapling identity, with one tree planted for every bottle sold. On each bottle a unique code tells you what tree was planted where and a little about the planting project.

From fruit trees in London to Oak trees in Bristol, and now with their own West Sussex Tree Nursery, it's the local communities who benefit from the planting projects.

One tree can absorb up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime. Making a bottle of vodka emits about 2.5kg of carbon. You could say each bottle of Sapling pays back over 535 times!