Just like at home, we want all our guests to be safe and protected whilst with us so you can relax and enjoy what we do best - looking after you.

Our promise to you

The Epicurean Club want all our guests who eat, drink or stay in our Collection to be safe, secure and able to relax in the knowledge that the owners and operators of each pub and inn are doing everything necessary to protect customers and their team members from the risk of infection.

We have created a Safe Space Code for our inns, taking guidance and advice from UK Hospitality, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, and other hygiene experts, and consulting across our Collection. Each inn will use this Code as the framework from which to create individual risk assessments tailored to them. Our five point code takes account of:

1. Social Distancing - complying with evolving government guidelines in the most practical and effective way for their inn to help ensure that you, our Collection team members and suppliers are always safe.

2. Extra Hygiene Measures - putting in place effective extra measures, like hand sanitiser and cleaning at the key times.

3. Team training and supervision - we're proud of the teams within our Collection and the knowledge and skills they have. We've made sure they have the training and guidance to deal with any issues arising from coronavirus.

4. Public spaces and guest experience - our inns are individual and unique and that's what makes them so special. We've run through what you as a customer used to do in different areas of our inns, and our Collection have made the appropriate changes to give you and their teams the safe space that we all need to enjoy their inns.

5. What our inns ask of you - things have changed but all our inns ask is that you enjoy your time with them, follow any requests they make to help protect you, our other guests and our Collection team members. Please bear with them if some things take slightly longer than they used to, they're probably just ensuring that they're doing things safely!

We trust our Code will assure you that we are extremely serious about everyone's safety and give you confidence that the teams across the Collection will be doing all that's necessary to protect everyone so you can relax and enjoy the experience. If you'd like to see more detail about the kinds of measures our inns are putting in place, just click here.