Located in some of Australia's most iconic wine regions. Yering Station, Mount Langi Ghiran and Xanadu epitomise the Rathbone family's philosophy for quality wine.

For crisp, elegant wines, Yering Station is the Australian winery to taste. A balance between an upfront fruit style and lean acidity means that they shine with any food. Chief Winemaker, Willy Lunn, has more than 25 years' extensive and intimate cool climate winemaking experience both in Australia and overseas and has been at Yering Station for over 12 years. The winery itself was the first in the now thriving Yarra Valley and the name Yering comes from the name for the area in the local Aboriginal language.

Committed to dynamic, experimental and progressive winemaking, Willy is setting the bar for cool climate Australian wine very high. Located in the dramatic setting of the Great Dividing Range in the Grampians region of Victoria, Mount Langi Ghiran is one of the most isolated but unique sites in Australian viticulture.

The region is one of Australia's coolest and most exiciting regions for Shiraz. Nestled between Mount Langi and Mount Cole, the land has a micro-climate that develops intense fruit flavours.

The vineyards, planted in the 1970s, are today producing some of the country's finest cool climate Shiraz, under the careful guidance of winemaker Adam Louder. He credits the long growing season and a dedicated team for the irresistible complexity and balance of his wines.

Founded in 1977 by Irishman Dr John Lagan, Xanadu is a true pioneer of the West Australian wine region of Margaret River. With a rich history of producing wines of uncompromising quality, Xanadu wines are renowned for their distinct character that embody all that is Margaret River.