Passport Voucher Redemption

Passport vouchers

Epicurean Passports are special advance-purchase vouchers that have locked in added value from our partner brands. They are designed to give guests total flexibility on when they choose to travel whilst keeping spend within the Collection.

Find below everything you need to know about Epicurean Passport vouchers and how to redeem:

For the guest

Epicurean Passport voucher bookings entitles each guest to a complimentry G&T!

Free stock is supported by Epicurean Club brand partners, Chase Distillery and Double Dutch tonic. Contact us to find out how to place an order

How to redeem a Passport voucher

You do not need to activate a redemption!

The Epicurean Club team will contact you within 7 days of the booking being made and provide you with payment card details.

The card must not be debited until the guest checks out or your cancellation policy allows you to charge the guest for the room. Any amount debited before this date will be refundable to The Epicurean Club pending the guest completing their stay as the voucher amount needs to remain in the Epicurean Club bank account to be covered by our bond insurance.


Live book: Commission will be collected by Staylists in the usual way by direct debit.

Non live book: Card Payment to be debited net of Epicurean Club commission which we will supply details of at the time of booking.