Outdoor cover structures

Marble Structures have been creating cover solutions for pubs, restaurants, event spaces and cafes around the country. They offer bespoke and off the shelf solutions to cover your outdoor space, creating seating and standing areas that will last not only this winter but for many more to come.

They will work with you whatever your requirement, buy or rent, even dismantle and store your cover during the summer, and rig it back up come next winter.

Visually striking, totally waterproof and adaptable to any space due to the 3 ply stretch PVC material, these safety approved structures will allow you to make valuable summer space valuable for winter.

Exclusive offer

Marble Structures are offering free festoon lighting with purchases exclusively though the Epicurean Market Place. Make sure to quote "The Epicurean Club" when you enquire.

We're willing to do what we can to make it work for Epicurean Collection members.

Teddy Watt, CEO & Founder

Contact & ordering

Contact Marble Structures Direct

Contact: Darren Haskell-Thomas (Operations Director)

Email: darren@marbleldn.com

Phone: 07985 215746

Free quotes

1. Supply initial measurements and photographs.

2. Darren will contact you to discuss your requirements.

3. Arrange a convenient time for a site visit within a few days.

4. Receive your free quote.

Marble Structures FAQs

What sizes are available?

From 4m x 3m to 25m x 20m but don't worry, if your space is bigger or awkwardly shaped we can join multiple tents (with no gap to allow rain in) or create a bespoke solution.

How are they installed/ erected?

With ease. Using thin aluminium poles (which we cover with custom 'socks') we stretch the canvas to fit the space attaching to secure drilled points or weighted ballast with 10ml double braid rope.

Do they come in different colours?

Chino, white, black, platinum, red, pink & custom colours are available for those with colourful dispositions.

How long do they take to install?

1 to 2 days but most of the time it will be done in 1 with minimum disruption. We can even do it overnight if this is convenient for your service.

What are the height restrictions?

5m using standard poles and up to 7m using truss.

What's the order lead time?

1 week lead time for off the shelf stock and 4-6 weeks for custom structures (Subject to availability)

Are they warm and weatherproof?

Yes, fully waterproof. There is always a runoff needed (a good way to keep the plants watered) and if we need to join two tents we have gutters.​​

They hold heat well from most outdoor heaters. The peaks and troughs of the tent give a good amount of heat circulation. You can opt for the sides being up or down to the ground when we are installing.

Can I rent or buy?

Either. We are happy to rent the covers to you, but also many clients choose to buy their covers and we work with them to help install, de-rig, store and clean for the seasons they are not in use. If you want to explore the options let us quote for both and talk payment plans with you.