Birra, Italy

"The unmistakable symbol of Italian excellence with a focus on quality, heritage, authenticity and individuality."

Menabrea is the oldest continuously producing brewery in Italy. For over 150 years the family have brewed their remarkable birre using their own recipe and only five simple ingredients: water, barley, hops, yeast & brewer's maize.

Placed at the crossroads of Europe at the foot of tthe Alps, the family source the finest ingredients available. Their barley comes from Vitry-le-Francois in the heart of Champagne country: recognised as the premier barley producing region of France.

The hops come from Hallertau, Bavaria. Gently aromatic, but harder to grow than other varieties, they truly deserve their designation as "noble hops". Water flows naturally from pure Alpine glaciers straight to the brewery. Once sourced, the ingredients are meticulously brewed using a combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative modern day techniques under the supervision of Menabrea's master brewer.

The resulting birra is then gently aged for at least 30 days in their own caves, two storeys underground in a unique maturation process, known as 'lagering'. This ensures all birra acquires its signature taste - complex, malty and hoppy with citrus undertones.

Then, and only then, can it be considered of adequate quality to become Menabrea.