Benefits of membership

Benefits of your membership

Core Membership - driving revenue through footfall

  • Core membership is free for those invited to join; £195 + VAT inspection fee every two years
  • Inn listing on our website, driving direct bookings through our site and phone line, manned and supported by our dedicated customer service team
  • Benefit from marketing & PR campaigns designed to drive greater, higher-value, footfall to all Collection members
  • Promotion of your inn directly to our highly engaged audiences via regular email newsletters and social channels
  • We'll help you grow your own audiences by sharing subscribers who 'opt-in' to hear from you
  • We'll help you create bespoke Epicurean Experiences to enhance your guest offer and we'll actively promote these through our channels
  • Your guests can access and benefit from our loyalty programme
  • Access to our leading brand partners: their products and audiences
  • Promote your inn as part of The Epicurean Collection and benefit from association with our brand and your fellow premium inns

Inn Club Membership - increasing profitability by reducing costs

  • Access to the Epicurean Marketplace, offering market leading prices, support packages and easy access to suppliers and brands
  • An upgade to your membership with a monthly subscription - £99 per month
  • Regular networking events with presentations from key industry figures and customer insights from our data analysis
  • National and international marketing campaigns and enahnced marketing opportunities
  • Introductions to brands who can add value to and enhance your guest experience