Epicurean Market Place

Epicurean Market Place

We understand that in the current climate cost pressures are high and that there is no time to waste to drive lower costs. Plus, by running marketing and activations in conjunction with brands, we drive footfall to sites to increase specific and general sales, with no cost to the site.

Using our community of partnerships and the combined buying power of the 180+ (and growing) inns within the Collection, we are negotiating on behalf of our Epicurean Collection to provide immediate bottom line growth for our members:

  • flexible options giving members the freedom to choose
  • integrate with existing suppliers
  • activations and events to drive footfall and engagement
  • drinks, products and business solutions at market leading prices
  • support packages including activations, training, list design and emergency delivery
  • easy access to all the benefits with no change to your systems

We also know that quality of service, reliability, support, ease of use and credit terms are just as important as price, so have chosen our partners carefully to ensure that your trust is rewarded.

We have brought these all together in one place - the Epicurean Market Place.

If there are any other services you would like us to include, please let us know and we will happily see what we can negotiate.


Wines, spirits, minerals and beers

Aside from the award-winning wine portfolios, highlights include:



The choice of cosmetics in your rooms and throughout your site have a huge impact on guest experience both in the moment as well as back at home.

Choosing the right producer now is as much about the product's feel, smell and effectiveness, as well as its sustainability credentials.

We have chosen Bramly and ishga to help support your offering and your guests' memories of their time with you. Both British, both sustainable, both fabulously memorable.


Cleaning products

Cleaning products are essential for the smooth operation of your site, but boring! It should be part of the business that is set up, and that runs itself, with as low a cost as possible.

We have partnered with the family-run Sybron to bring you a full range of cleaning, hygiene and disposable products, including their eco-friendly options which also command fantastic savings.

Savings so far for groups buying through us and Sybron are showing 34%+ savings as well as having acces to their top tier training and support, backed up by InnuScience.


Operational solutions