Journey's End

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Other than running a sustainable, low intervention winery in picturesque Stellenbosch, the Journey's End farm puts a very strong emphasis on the social development and fairness element of winemaking. The farm was founded by the Gabb family in 1995 and since then the estate has grown to a total of 120 hectares.

The winery is located between the Schapenberg Hills and False Bay, with its cool Atlantic current that replicates the best of a Bordeaux terroir. With one of the Cape's most exciting terroirs, Journey's End has quickly become one of the region's top wineries, producing a wine style that is a pleasant combination of European oriented classic South Africa, blended with the most recent low interventionist styles.

The focus has been on sustainability from day one. The winery is fully solar powered and practicing sustainable viticulture. They dedicate 10 hectares of the farm for reforestation to propagate biodiversity. The scene being South Africa, no sustainability message would be valid without supporting the local community. Having worked together on multiple projects, Journey's End finance and run several schools, a creche, and recently a number of soup kitchens serving 10,000 meals per week, to help the people hit by the COVID crisis. They gained Fairtrade certification in 2017.

In 2020, Journey's End was named Ethical Company of the Year in The Drinks Business Green Awards, recognising the support it gave to its local community through the Journey's End Foundation.