FAQs for Landlords


An Epicurean room booking came through - what do I need to do?

1. Welcome them to your inn with a house drink on the house - for each guest in that reservation. A house drink on the house is whatever you would like it to be, whether glass of house wine, bubbly, beer or spirit and mixer.

2. Provide a room upgrade if possible

3. Waive their dog stay fee if it is their first time staying with you

You can find out more here.

A customer has called us to cancel/amend their booking, which was made through The Epicurean Club. How do we do this?

They have to cancel or amend their booking by following the link in the confirmation email that they received when they booked, subject to the cancellation policy of that room rate. If they are having trouble with this, please get them to call or email us.

A customer has asked for their Friend's G&T - what is this?

Please see our page here for more information about the Friends G&T that customers receive when they sign up or book with us for the first time.

A customer wants to find out more about the Club - where can I direct them?

They can find out more about The Epicurean Club by visiting www.epicurean.club

I have a special deal/event/package I would like to promote - are you able to feature my inn in an upcoming marketing email?

Please send us any info at enquiries@epicurean.club, we love to feature our inns in our marketing emails and let our nationwide audience know more about you.

How can I engage with some of your partner brands, or find out more?

Visit this page to learn about all our partner brands


A customer has presented us with an Epicurean Voucher. Where can I find out more about these?

Click here to learn more about Epicurean vouchers and how to redeem them. To see our full range of vouchers click here.

How do I know out if this voucher the customer has presented is valid?

Visit this page and follow the steps to see the voucher expiry date - sometimes we extend the date online (see below) so it might be different from the physical copy.

Is this Epicurean Club voucher valid at my pub/inn?

By following the step above you can see if the voucher is valid at your inn. If the voucher is within date and is valid at all locations, or your pub specifically, you may accept it and then invoice us so that we can make payment.

What do I need to do to redeem the voucher?

Visit this page and enter your inn's name and the pin '2019' and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Can a customer use a voucher towards dinner?

An Epicurean monetary voucher can be used towards food and drink, overnight stays, or both if used during one stay.

Can the customer have money back from a voucher if they don't use all of it?

The full voucher value needs to be redeemed in one transaction. They can use the voucher towards room and dinner if redeemed upon checkout, but they cannot have cash back from any amount that wasn't used, nor use it towards another visit.

Can the customer extend their voucher expiry?

In certain circumstances and at our discretion we can extend vouchers - if a customer asks for an extension please ask them to contact us directly by calling 020 8161 0100 or emailing enquiries@epicurean.club


What are Epicurean Experiences?

We sell packages that comprise dinner bed and breakfast with a nearby Experience. These fall into four categories: Country Activities, Nature, Food & Drink, Culture & Heritage. We would love to partner with every inn to offer an experience package. If you know of local activities or attractions, have a great local walk from your doorstep or offer a unique Experience in-house, we would love to hear more from you. Email any ideas to enquiries@epicurean.club.