Voucher information

Voucher information

Find below everything you need to know about all four Epicurean voucher types:

Collection voucher (monetary)

Can be used at any pub or inn within the Epicurean Collection towards food and drink, overnight stays or both. The balance must be used in a single transaction.

Passport voucher (monetary)

Can be used at any pub or inn within The Epicurean Collection towards overnight stays (room only, B&B or D,B&B). The balance can be split between multiple nights and multiple sites covering the value of the initial booking only; any additional spend is to be collected direct from the guest.

Please note - The full voucher balance must be used in one transaction; we cannot offer cashback or split the balance between multiple visits (exception of Passport voucher). Voucher extensions can be requested by the customer to the Epicurean Club. Please ask them to contact us directly. If someone has a physical voucher which was extended the expiry date noted on the physical voucher may have passed. The best way to check it is in date is through our website (click button below).

What do the vouchers look like?

Our gift vouchers are either physical printed vouchers that come in three designs or an e-voucher that is emailed to the customer as a PDF. The important information is the Voucher Code. Scroll through the gallery to see what the vouchers look like:

Check a voucher is valid

It is important you check the voucher is valid and all the voucher details are correct before accepting it in lieu of payment - use the unique voucher reference code to check the expiry date & the monetary value.

You will require a 4 digit PIN which is: 2022

Click on the voucher redemption button below which opens a new tab to:


Then follow the process below:

1. Enter your inn name and find it in the drop down list then enter the 4 digit PIN (currently 2022) to log in

2. Enter the Voucher Reference Code into the box and click continue

3. Check all the voucher details including venue and expiry date

4. Your voucher has successfully been redeemed. This means the customer cannot use this voucher again.


Vouchers cannot be redeemed prior to the day of guest arrival

This is to avoid instances where a guest cancellation could have been made after payment for the redemption request has been issued. This way payment will be made after guest checkout, or within cancellation policy, as funds need to be held by the Epicurean Club bank account for the guest's money to be insured.

When you have submitted a voucher redemption request, we will process a self-build statement on your behalf and issue this to our accounts for payment direct into your *bank account. The email provided on the redemption request will receive a copy of the invoice for your records.

*If we do not currently hold your bank details and VAT number to make the payment, our team will contact you.

Voucher & booking commission


Made through the Epicurean Club website (booking platform) using our live connectivity to your PMS, booking *commission is collected by our partners at Staylists via Direct Debit - payment of a voucher redemption is passed forward in full (unless the voucher revenue driven exceeds the booking value, payment is passed forward net of the additional commission).

Manual booking:

Made through the Epicurean Club team by phone and email (or direct on pub/inn website where we have a prior agreement), booking *commission is collected by Epicurean Club - payment of a voucher redemption is passed forward net of commission.

Direct booking:

For all other bookings, including direct room bookings or F&B only bookings, booking *commission has been based on the voucher value only (not the total booking value the voucher has driven) - payment of a voucher redemption is passed forward net of commission.

*Epicurean Club commission @ 10% plus VAT of the gross booking value / voucher revenue value.


Need more help or instructions?

You can always contact us by calling 0203 868 4999 or emailing enquiries@epicurean.club and one of our team would be delighted to assist.