Trento, Italy

When it comes to Italian sparkling wine, Ferrari is surely one of the most important starting points.

Giulio Ferrari visited Champagne in 1902 and realised that his native Trento area could be capable of producing similar base wines as the Champenois. His idea was to move the vineyards to cooler, higher elevated areas. He returned to Trento with plenty of Chardonnay clippings, and the rest is history. Sharing his knowledge, Giulio Ferrari enabled the locals to create the prestigious Trento DOC. He also created one of the flagship brands of Italian sparkling wine. The company was acquired by the Lunelli family in the 1950s, but they kept the wine and the brand true to the founder.

The Lunellis continue to innovate to this day, still maintaining their respect for the land and people who work in their vineyards. In 2017, they received Organic Certification for all company owned vineyards. Their broader sustainability project, titled "Ferrari's Vineyards, for Sustainable and Healthy Mountain Viticulture" incentivised 500 local vine-growers to turn to organic practices. The total ban on the use of chemical herbicides and fertilisers, and the return to traditional practices such as green manuring, using natural fertilisers like manure and compost pays off as the smallholders receive a higher price for their organic grapes.

In early 2021, Ferrari became the official sparkling wine of Formula 1. The sponsorship lasts for three years.