The Epicurean Collection

About the Collection

The Epicurean Collection showcases the very best British inns and pubs. It is an invitation-only collection of boutique inns and pubs; from rural gems hidden deep in the Scottish Highlands to idyllic Cotswold coaching inns, your archetypal Mayfair pub to scenic coastal taverns.

We are a direct marketing channel and booking platform for our Collection - the place for discerning travellers looking for traditional British inns in which to dine, stay or embark on an Experience.

The Epicurean Standard

Our Collection is invitation-only - only those sites which meet our standard will be invited to join the Collection.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the Collection; our reputation is everything to us, as we believe it is to you.


It's the heart and soul, the unique and individual charm you lead by. We look for special places with their own distinctive, extraordinary offering.


In the very bricks and mortar themselves, in the service you provide, the presentation of your rooms, the food you serve, and the suppliers you choose. You are proud of what you do, who you work with and are proud to champion that which is local, seasonal and sustainable - the very best of British.


Everyone you welcome through your door leaves with a smile, no matter whether a guest, a supplier or one of your team. It's that wonderfully intangible quality that brings people back time and again, ensuring they leave perfectly satiated, happily satisfied and pleasantly charmed.

Maintaining the Epicurean Standard

We take huge pride in our Collection and the trust that our members place in us to book through us. We understand that maintaining the correct standard across the Collection is as important to you as it is to us - that your reputation could be tarnished should a site cease to meet the Epicurean standard.

Once you have accepted our invitation to join the Collection, our team will conduct an initial, formal, inspection and produce a listing for our website. Our team will then formally re-inspect your inn(s) every 2 years.

Our team also review and informally inspect the Collection regularly; we collect the feedback of guests and monitor review sites. If we feel that the Epicurean Standard has slipped, we may be in touch to provide feedback and to help you regain the standard. In rare situations we may require you to leave the Collection.

We are also here to help. If you feel that you need advice on how to improve, please let us know. As a team, we have extensive industry experience; and through our community and partner brands, we can put you in touch with the right people to help.

We believe in our industry and want to help it succeed, so will do what we can to help.