Welcome to The Epicurean Club

The Epicurean Club was founded out of a passion for the British inn and pub, the British countryside and everything that it relates to. The Club is designed to share this passion with our Friends - our free membership - and to offer them more by providing extra value on every visit; from exclusive rates, curated experiences and special offers from our partner brands, to sneak previews, pre-sales and more.

Our Friends are more than simply our customers, we truly consider them to be our friends and because of this, we are focused on providing a sense of belonging and a welcoming environment.

The Epicurean Collection

Our Epicurean Collection is invitation-only to ensure it remains a curated Collection of the highest quality, showcasing only the very best inns and pubs across Britain for you to visit. We curate our Collection based on three core values to guarantee the best possible experience for you:


It's the heart and soul, the unique and individual charm of every site. We look for special places with their own distinctive, extraordinary offering.


In the very bricks and mortar themselves, in the service provided, the presentation of the rooms and food served, from the flourish put on a garnish to the local suppliers the inns work with. The pride from the sites in what they do, who they work with and especially the pride to champion that which is local, seasonal and sustainable - the very best of British.


Ensuring our sites offer you a warm and personal welcome when you arrive through to knowing that you will be leaving with a smile. It's that wonderfully intangible quality that brings people back time and again, ensuring you leave perfectly satiated, happily satisfied and pleasantly charmed.