The Epicurean Club

What is the Epicurean Club?

The Epicurean Club is a digital and physical communications platform, linking our customers, inns and partner brands into a single community. Now, more than ever, our community is coming together to help support each other and ensure that the very best pubs and inns across Britain not only survive but thrive.

The Epicurean Collection showcases the very best inns and pubs across Britain.

Our customers and Friends are discerning travellers looking for traditional British inns in which to dine, stay or embark on an Experience.

Our partner brands share our love of the British countryside, believe in the quality of what they do, and provide highly relevant and desirable products and services to similar audiences.

We are all united by our shared passion for the British inn, the British countryside and everything that it relates to.

We love our industry and firmly believe in its place at the heart of British culture. By bringing our Collection, our Friends (customers) and our partner brands together we will all benefit, getting more out of the things we love.

Who we are

To our Collection we are...

... a direct marketing channel to a relevant nationwide, engaged audience

... a booking platform

... a driver of higher value customers

... a provider of insight and analytics

... a purchasing group, leveraging the Collection's buying power

... a link to other pubs and inns

... a link to premium brands

To our Friends we are:

... the go-to booking platform for the best inns and pubs in Britain

... a guide for the best experiences and activities centred around our Collection

... the place to access the best rates on room nights

... the place to book experiences enhanced by premium and artisan brands

... a membership and loyalty club

... a trusted independent reviewer of inns and pubs

To our Brand Partners we are...

... a direct marketing channel

... a channel to enable prospective customers to sample their products and services in a controlled and engaging way to showcase products and services

... a digital-physical-digital marketing provider