Enotria&Coe can provide you with a comprehensive service that we believe will exceed your expectations and needs.

You do not have to buy exclusively through Enotria&Coe, so there is no need to stop using your existing supplier or to integrate with Bibendum - giving you full flexibility and choice.

Their mission is to help you deliver exhilarating drinks experiences through their quality products and seamless customer service.

Enotria&Coe's high-quality portfolio earned them the Wine Merchant of the Year accolade in 2019 from the Sommelier Wine Awards.

Check savings and get started

Check what you can save with our savings calculator and download some indicative prices. A full price list is available on request, but we are confident we have negotiated market leading prices.

How does it work?

We have ensured that getting set up is as easy as possible. Our aim is to have your first order with you within 2 weeks. If you are already supplied by Enotria&Coe, you can move across to our pricing in a matter of days.

  1. Get in touch with us. If you are already an Inn Club member, we will put you in contact directly with Enotria&Coe, if not we will get you set up as an Inn Club member. This is free until September 2020.
  2. We will put you in contact with Jordan Painter, our Epicurean Market Place manager. Jordan will arrange an initial meeting to discuss your needs and to then work up a bespoke package for you (products, support, training etc.).
  3. Once you have approved this, you would sign the forms and be set up on Enotria's system.
  4. Once you have signed and returned your forms, you would ordinarily be able to order the same day.
  5. We would aim for your first order to be with you within 2 weeks.

Ready to find out more? Get in touch for a full price list and bespoke quotation. There is no fee to join and you can keep your existing suppliers.

The Service

We understand that it is not all about individual product margin.

Enotria&Coe will work with you to define the solution that is right for you and provide customer service designed to make your lives easier.

As a member of the Epicurean Market Place, you will have access to market-leading prices, and Enotria&Coe's full support to boost your sales.

Through our partnership with Enotria&Coe, you will have access to all of the following service benefits:



Customer service team is available between 8am and 7pm (Mon-Thurs) and 8am - 5:30pm (Fri).


The Enotria&Coe website is your one-stop-shop customer portal. The site offers a streamlined order process and user-friendly account management.

You can view credit notes, invoices and pending orders, as well as set up recurring orders. You can easily organise and manage online drinks lists and simply add, remove, filter or find products.

To access the customer portal, you'll be sent login details when you set up your account.

View their handy guide on how to use the website.

Procurement Systems

Integration with procurement systems, such as Procure Wizard, Birchstreet and Foodbuy Online.

Email ordering

Full email ordering capability.


Minimum order

Low minimum order of £200. If your order is less than that, there is a £20 delivery charge.


Next day delivery, excluding Scotland. Noon cut-off for next day delivery (5pm cut-off within London); Monday deliveries to by placed by 5.30pm Friday.

Emergency delivery

All members of the Epicurean Market Place benefit from emergency deliveries (reasonable usage applies).

Invoicing and payment


  • Cutting edge invoicing to reduce paperwork and administration time.
  • Invoices only issued after you have confirmed receipt of delivery. They are delivered electronically within 15 minutes of your confirmation of delivery.
  • This means breakages and omissions are not invoiced and reduces the need for credit notes and rebates.

Enotria&Coe uses a cutting-edge software system that has redefined payments to reduce paperwork and time spent on administration. You will only be sent an invoice after you after you have confirmed receipt of your delivery. Invoices are sent electronically within 15 minutes of delivery.

This system reduces the need for credit notes and rebates and also automatically reports any breakages to Enotria&Coe's warehouse.


Preferred payment is by Direct Debit, although other options are available.

Standard payment will be 30 days after delivery, subject to credit score.

Why Enotria&Coe

Delivering market leading prices was just one factor in choosing our Epicurean Market Place suppliers. We also wanted to choose suppliers who we believe would exceed your expectations and reward the trust that you place in us.

Enotria&Coe share our values and we believe the firmly understand the needs of the Epicurean Market Place. Their mission is to create exhilarating drinks experiences, through quality products and seamless customer service.

We have chosen them not only on the quality of their service commitment, but also through their ability to deliver a smooth experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I already source my drinks from Enotria&Coe; what do I do now?

It's up to you whether you would like to switch to securing your supply from Enotria&Coe through the Epicurean Market Place, or whether you would prefer to secure your supply direct.

Enotria&Coe offers the same service to all its accounts, so by switching you would continue to be benefitting from the same operational expertise and additional support. We recommend that you compare the products and pricing under your pre-existing deal with Enotria&Coe and what the Epicurean Club has secured. The Epicurean Market Place's partnership with Enotria&Coe has secured especially competitive prices.

Q. I'm a big believer in supporting local; why should I switch to Enotria&Coe?

We completely understand, and this is also an important part of The Epicurean Club's ethos. We chose to partner with Enotria&Coe because we believe that they share these values. Many of Enotria&Coe's artisanal products available to you through the Epicurean Market Place are sourced locally in the UK.

Additionally, Enotria&Coe's regional delivery hubs allow you to benefit from all the flexibility of a local supplier, while still benefitting from the extensive support and competitive pricing of a nationwide model.

If you can't find any of your local products through Enotria&Coe, you only have to ask and we should be able to get these added to the offering - by doing so you will be helping others order your favourite local produce.

Q. Enotria&Coe talk about their support through customer marketing; what does that mean?

Customer marketing is there to help you market your new drinks more effectively to your consumers, and ultimately to boost your sales.

Enotria&Coe's customer marketing has expertise across many different areas. For example, their graphic design experts can help you rethink your menu layout by looking at it through the lens of 'menu psychology' to draw your customers' attention to specific products. They can help you devise promotional activity, including marketing collateral, tasting notes and graphics. They can also help with big one-off events from start to finish: brainstorming the event, securing investment from the relevant brands, producing marketing collateral and advising on execution to guarantee an exhilarating experience for your customers.

Customer marketing is flexible and responsive to your needs. Speak to your Account Manager to find out more, or discuss any ideas you might have.

Get set up

Ready to find out more?

We cannot wait to have you on board, and firmly believe you will save money and benefit from the enhanced service proposition to drive increased revenue.

Send the Epicurean Club an email by clicking here. We will then get you set up as an Inn Club member (if you are not already) and introduce you to your contact at Enotria&Coe to provide you all the information that you need.