The Epicurean Market Place supports our Collection by helping them drive profit by saving costs and driving growth through key support packages.

We love our industry and firmly believe in its place at the heart of British culture. We want to help all of our Collection to succeed; by driving footfall to them to increase revenue and reducing their costs to increase their profitability.

With the need to cut costs never having been greater, our Collection has been requesting a full range of products and services from the Epicurean Market Place.

The key requirements of our Collection owners and operators from the Epicurean Market Place are:

  • market-leading prices for products and services of market-leading quality
  • support packages to further reduce costs and improve growth and profitability
  • easy access to all the benefits of the Epicurean Market Place with no change to their systems

Quality of service, reliability, support, ease of use and credit terms are just as important as price, so our partners must live and breathe these values to ensure that the trust our Collection places in us is rewarded.

If you are a supplier who shares our values and would like to discuss supplying the Epicurean Market Place, please get in touch with Tom Benfield on

The Epicurean Club

The Epicurean Club is a digital and physical communications platform, linking our customers, inns and partner brands into a single community. Our community is united by our shared passion for the British inn, the British countryside and everything that it relates to.

Now, more than ever, our community is coming together to help support each other and ensure that the very best pubs and inns across Britain not only survive, but thrive.

To our Collection we are...

... a direct marketing channel to a relevant nationwide, engaged audience

... a booking platform

... a driver of higher value customers

... a provider of insight and analytics

... a purchasing group, leveraging the Collection's buying power

... a link to other pubs and inns

... a link to premium brands

To our Friends we are...

... the go-to booking platform for the best inns and pubs in Britain

... the best rates on room stays

... experiences enhanced by premium and artisan brands

... a membership and loyalty club

... a trusted independent reviewer of inns and pubs

... a guide for the best experiences and activities centred around our Collection

... a booking platform for Epicurean Experiences

To our Brand Partners we are...

... a digital-physical-digital marketing provider

... a direct marketing channel to a relevant nationwide, engaged audience

... a channel to enable prospective customers to sample their products and services in a controlled and engaging way

... a link to our Collection that share a combined reach of 1.7 million engaged customers

The Epicurean Collection

Our Collection showcases the best inns and pubs across Britain - destination sites that have stood the test of time, pillars of their local community and run by the best operators around. It is an invitation-only collection of boutique inns and pubs; from rural gems hidden deep in the Scottish Highlands to idyllic Cotswold coaching inns, your archetypal Mayfair pub to scenic coastal taverns.

We are a direct marketing channel and booking platform for our Collection - the place for discerning travellers looking for traditional British inns in which to dine, stay or embark on an Experience.

The Collection - key facts

  • 175+ of the best inns and pubs in Britain
  • Average site turnover: £900k+
  • Combined turnover: £160m+ today, growing to £270m+ by end of 2021
  • Average bedroom count: 10
  • Award winning, iconic, destination sites
  • Predominantly single-site owners/operators
  • Comprising some of the best operators in the business

Passion, Pride and Pleasure

To be invited to join the Epicurean Collection, a pub or inn needs to demonstrate our 3 core values in all that they do.


It's the heart and soul, the unique and individual charm our Collection lead by. We look for special places with their own distinctive, extraordinary offering.


In the very bricks and mortar themselves, in the service our inns provide, the presentation of their rooms, the food they serve, and the suppliers they choose. The Collection are proud of what they do, who they work with and are proud to champion that which is local, seasonal and sustainable - the very best of British.


Everyone our Collection welcomes through their doors leaves with a smile, no matter whether a guest, a supplier or one of their team. It's that wonderfully intangible quality that brings people back time and again, ensuring they leave perfectly satiated, happily satisfied and pleasantly charmed.

Our partner brands

We are proud to partner with brands who share our core values and who are committed to help us achieve our objective of becoming the most value enhancing community connecting our Collection and our Friends with those brands.

The benefits of partnership

Our Friends are a highly engaged, affluent and loyal group. Our membership and loyalty scheme provides deep insight into spending habits and behaviour, and we have the ability to craft segmented, highly targeted, relevant digital campaigns.

Not only are we able to put products and services directly into the hands of our Friends and guests across the Collection, but we can also showcase partner products and services in an authentic and relevant manner to maximise the impact.

By providing products and services for our Friends and Collection, supporting our Experiences and events, and engaging in joint PR activity, our brand partners have the opportunity to establish loyalty with our Friends and at the same time let our Friends earn more from doing the things they love.

Our 3 strategic aims

To become the most value enhancing community for our Collection, Friends and partner brands, we have 3 core strategic aims:

  • Brand Awareness: increase knowledge and understanding of the Epicurean Club and all that it stands for
  • Growth of our Friends: bring new members (Friends) into the Epicurean Club and introduce them to products and experiences of trusted quality​, giving them a better experience with more value
  • Support for our Community: drive knowledge, insight and increased value to our Collection (and through the Epicurean Market Place) and enable them to enhance their guest experience​ and reduce costs

Our customers and Friends

Our Friends and direct email database are growing. Not to mention the targeted marketing through our other partner brands to their audiences, our partnership as the British hotel partner of The Times and all the social media re-sharing and activations by the Collection.

Highly engaged in your offering before they even set foot over the threshold of an inn, with higher disposable incomes and a taste for more premium products, our Friends spend 23% more per head than regular customers. And those Friends who come with their dogs spend 54% more per head.

Dual income no kids (yet) and empty-nesters have higher than average combined incomes. 88% of them are more likely to drink champagne; 66% would rather spend money on a unique experience.

40% are aged 35-54, but with 23% aged 25-34 there is still a strong need to have products set up to appeal to the younger generation. With the support of our partner brands, we have both audiences fully catered for.

Our marketing campaigns work. We have above-industry norm email open and click through rates. Perfect to drive successful email campaigns to our 150k+ email database.

To become a supplier to the Epicurean Market Place

If you are a supplier who shares our values and would like to discuss supplying the Epicurean Market Place, please get in touch with Tom Benfield direct by email: