Lifestyle & Health

Lifestyle & Health

We have been speaking to Epicurean Market Place suppliers, who have been focusing on brands, products and ideas that are driving the conversation about lifestyle and health. Watch this space for the latest trends in:

  • environmental sustainability

  • mindful consumption

  • growing awareness of health

  • consumer interest in ethical brands

  • how hospitality can create exhilarating experiences that still ring true to these values

As the hospitality industry reopens, everyone is excited to be getting back in their favourite inns and pubs within the Collection. And yet, the world has changed a lot over the last year.

Wines, spirits & minerals

Our Epicurean Market Place supply partners over at Enotria&Coe will be questioning how consumer interest in lifestyle and health has changed, and in turn what drink brands and products are responding to this need. They will be highlighting brands that they believe are leading the charge in this area, and discussing how hospitality can meet the needs of consumers and answer your key questions:

- how are lifestyle and health relevant to drinks brands?

- how have drinks brands seen consumers interact differently with their products over the last year?

- what can guests to this launch event look forward to sampling?

Epicurean Market Place

The Epicurean Market Place wines and spirits are provided by Enotria&Coe. We are confident that we have negotiated market leading prices, so check what you can save using our savings calculator and price list.