Emails and website

Logos and style guide

We hope that you are proud to be a member of the Epicurean Club and would love you to inlcude our logo on your email footers, website and any other places you feel relevant (for example menus and so on).

After all, your target audience is the target audience of every other Collection site, and by keeping guest spending within the Collection we all will benefit.

Email footers

We would love for your to include our logo in your email footers, with something along the lines of "A proud member of the Epicurean Collection". If you are able to insert a link from the logo to our website ( that would be even better.


Again, would love for your to include our logo on your website, with some introductory text and a link from the logo to our website.

Other collateral

Any help you are able to give to reaffirm your membership of the Epicurean Club, and to explain to your guests that they should also be members of the Epicurean Club would be hugely appreciated by us and other members of the Collection, helping keep footfall and spend within the Collection.

Old Inn Places logos

For those of you who were formerly members of Inn Places, please remove all old Inn Places logos as this website no longer exists following our acquisition of its parent company in June 2019.