Booking benefits

With every Epicurean booking

Guests who book through us - we call them our Friends - receive extra benefits every time they stay across the Collection.

Our Friends spend on average 23% more per head than regular customers (and our Friends who bring their dogs spend even more!). This is our commitement to drive higher value guests to you.

Friend benefits

Complimentary house drink

House drinks are absolutely fine, but there is no harm in pushing the boat out. Guests do remember and often comment in the feedback when they get something above and beyond expectation. We call it surprise and delight!

Complimentary room upgrade

Offer the guest a complimentary upgrade on check-in (if available). It really pays off - showcase your best rooms, increase positive reviews and drive enhanced food and beverage spend. Friends also benefit from early check-in and late check-out (if available).

Complimentary dog stays

If the guest has a dog with them and it is their first time with you, offer them a complimentary dog stay. Our Friends with dogs spend 54% more per head than regular customers - they are worth getting back!

Friend's G&T