• Natural performance enhancement
  • Blended and single origin coffees
  • 100% fully traceable relationships with coffee farmers and cooperatives
  • Proud supporters of the Matt Hampson Foundation
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The Story

In 2016 two guys, from different walks of life, brought together by a love of coffee and sport, founded Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters. Both were inspired to create a coffee brand synonymous with sport.

Brad Barritt, former England International and current Captain of Saracens and Justin Stockwell Specialty Coffee Expert, together set about sourcing the finest coffee worldwide and creating unique blends centered on natural performance enhacement.

Ethical Mission Statement

Tiki Tonga is fully committed to bringing you an unrivalled consistency of flavour from each of the blended and single origin coffees.

The sourcing strategy for all Tiki Tonga coffees, is rooted in long term - in some instances decades long, relationships with cooperatives in coffee growing regions worldwide. The end result, bringing the customer a delicious and consistent flavour profile. You can be safe in the knowledge that every single Tiki Tonga coffee is 100% fully traceable, through sustained supportive relationships with coffee farmers and cooperatives.

About the Coffee

Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters think about coffee in two very different but just as important ways. Firstly, bringing people together, it's about, "That Feeling", the love and the togetherness! Secondly they aim to utilise the benefits of caffeine for active sportspeople.

With the numerous trends and fads in dietary advice, one thing about coffee is it's completely natural, no additives, free from the preservatives and sugary contents of most energy drinks. Coffee is well known for its health benefits, for instance, a 75mg serving of caffeine is associated with increased attention and alertness. This equates to just one cup of Tiki Tonga coffee whichever way you choose to make it.


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