Never Drink Dull, Double Dutch

Double Dutch's range of award-winning premium mixers and tonics are perfect to enhance any spirit. Each bottle is full of flavour, made using only the highest quality natural ingredients with no artificial colouring. Elevate your drinks offering with our wide range of flavours and combinations to create perfectly balanced and flavourful cocktails.

Will you savour with spirits or sip solo?

Born and raised in the Netherlands, the birthplace of gin, Joyce and Raissa de Haas grew up inspired by the world of drinks. However, they soon realised that, whilst the world of alcoholic drinks had become more vibrant and diverse than ever, the world of tonics and mixers had scarcely changed at all.

Realising that a flavourful drink relies on the mixer as much as it does the alcohol, they took it upon themselves to create a range of versatile mixers with new and unpredictable flavour pairings. Double Dutch, are now on a mission to ensure you never drink dull again.

Joyce and Raissa started to experiment by pairing their own mixer innovations (Cucumber & Watermelon and Pomegranate & Basil) with a range of spirits, mainly at parties (of course) which led them to be dubbed the 'tonic twins' by friends and family. They then moved to London to complete a joint masters in Tech Entrepreneurship, and that's where they developed Double Dutch as a business. They were awarded the best dissertation in the year, and that was the seed funding that started Double Dutch!

From the very beginning, feedback showed they'd more than succeeded with recognition such as the Foodpreneur Award from Richard Branson in 2015 and Best Adult Soft Drink Award at the World Beverage Innovation Awards in 2016.

Double Dutch produce bold, new, unexpected flavour combinations that thrill the palate. The range is the result of a flavour-led approach that uses only the best ingredients, free from artificial flavouring or colouring, and designed with taste in mind. We are high on flavour and quick to get the party started.

The mixers stand alone, fully satisfying in their own right, but also enhance the taste of a range of spirits, allowing the creation of innovative new flavour-led cocktails and ensuring reliably delicious, never dull, drinks.

Flavour isn't enough though. As entrepreneurs, the twins feel a genuine responsibility to ensure they don't leave the planet in a worse position than they found it and share their purpose led approach with our community, suppliers and customers. Double Dutch are focused on sustainability, actively engaging with our supply chain to understand and ultimately work to reduce the businesses impact on the environment whilst planning to reforest.

Tasting Notes


This herb and tomato blend is superbly offset by cucumber and a smidgeon of heat, ending with a hint of sharpness to freshen the palate. Obviously it's perfect with vodka but also bonds beautifully with whisk(e)y and has a surprising affinity for Fino sherry.


A full-bodied flavour profile that starts slightly bitter and finishes with a deep glow of sweetness.


"fresher than a pillow with a mint on it". There's nothing juicier than watermelon, which is why we combine it with cucumber's super-smooth freshness to create our most popular mixer that's stand-out with gin and summer fizzes and the perfect summer serve with light rums, citric gins and white wine.


Like all good margaritas, this one has the perfect blend of cool, citrus and spice, but we add the depth of warm pepper and chilli for a four flavour hit parade.


Full-on summery lemon flavour, topped up with a splash of lime to brighten the top notes and quassia to underpin the sunny citrus blends. Rewarding when drunk solo, but complex enough to revolutionise simple cocktails like hard lemonade.


Launching softly with a gentle spiciness, the cardamon end-note intensifies richness.


Satisfaction guaranteed Skinny doesn't have to mean lightweight! Much more than just a lighter option - containing less sugar than standard tonic water, it's deliciously satisfying drunk straight up. With pink grapefruit and juniper berry rounding out the crispness of quinine, it adds a zest that makes every drink sparkle.


A complex blend of spice and summer, this Double Dutch drink holds its own with any dark rum as well as vodka and offers a glorious lemony aftertaste.


Tonic Water grows up. Our award-winning Indian Tonic Water starts with a hint of pink grapefruit, ripens to classic quinine, and finishes with a hint of juniper berry. It's a smooth operator performing superbly in a G&T, garnished with a wedge of grapefruit, but also pairing beautifully with vermouth, vodka and even blanco tequila.


Opening with a warm herby flavour, moving on to a sweet note, and finishing with a balance of sun-ripened fruit.


Refreshing sparkling water with a hint of saltiness. Like dancing to Wham! when nobody's looking, fun, uncomplicated and totally satisfying.


Rounded from the beginning, Rhubarb and Pineneedle blends sharp and sweet with a resinous piney tang that echoes Mediterranean hilllsides.