Hidcote Manor Gardens

Gardeners looking for new ideas will find plenty of inspiration at Hidcote Manor Gardens, the UK's best-known and most influential Arts and Crafts garden.

Created by Major Lawrence Johnston, a talented American horticulturist, in the early 20th century, this ornate garden in the Cotswolds is arranged around a series of outdoor "rooms" linked via narrow paved pathways.

Yew, holly and box hedges and stone walls keep the rooms separate. All are themed and furnished with a mix of decorative elements, such as ponds, fountains, topiary and ornate benches. They are planted with bedding flowers, often bursting with colour, and other plants carefully chosen for their scent, shape and texture.

Johnston was a keen traveller and plant hunter, so many of the plants growing in the garden were gathered during his many expeditions to far off lands. He also swapped plants with people in other countries, helping to expand his collection.

Visitors will note that the formality of the garden, which covers just over four hectares, gradually diminishes as you proceed through the rooms, almost as if Hidcote is effortlessly blending into the countryside beyond.

There's a shop, two cafes and a garden centre on site. Dogs are not allowed.

Hidcote is in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire.

For more information, including opening times and admission prices, visit the National Trust website.

Photograph: David Hughes/Shutterstock.com


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