Over the last few years, English sparkling wine has surged in popularity and demand, as well as winning numerous competitions when pitched against some of the Grand Marque Champagne houses.

Sharing many characteristics of Champagne, including grape varieties, production methods and, in most cases, soil composition, the qualities of British sparkling wine match their better-established cousin from Champagne. There are over 100 wineries in England producing sparkline wine, with well over 10 million bottles of English sparkling wine being produced each year.

As a huge lover of English sparkling ourselves, we would like to introduce one of our favourites, Hattingley Valley; a family-owned winery in Hampshire, who create a truly unique range of English premium sparkling wines. What's more they actively support the growth and development of a number of vineyards around England, helping to drive the long-term growth of this amazing industry.

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Hattingley Valley, a family-owned, eco-friendly winery in Hampshire specialising in premium, award-winning English sparkling wine.

We love them not just because their wines are delicious, but because they share our core values - alongside their immense pride in the quality of their product, they are hugely passionate about how they achieve the end result. As a British business they believe in investing in Britain and the countryside around them, looking after not only nature, but also the people on whom we all rely.

Since producing their first vintage in 2010 and launching their first release in August 2013, Hattingley Valley has developed into one of the most respected producers of English sparkling wine in the country, known for its refreshingly modern, innovative and dynamic approach to winemaking.

Meet the sparkling wines

The core range features a line-up of award-winning bottles including the Classic Reserve, Blanc de Blancs and the Rosé.

One release from Hattingley Valley is the 2013 Blanc de Blancs made from only the best chardonnay grapes, giving it the creamy mouthfeel and a long, complex finish. This sparkling wine is aged for four years and the result is a pale golden wine, with hints of white stoned and citrus fruit and a delicious honeyed character on the nose.

The latest Classic Reserve NV comprises mainly of chardonnay grapes with the addition of some pinot noir, pinot meunier and pinot gris, forming a refreshing and perfectly balanced wine. Pale gold in colour with an abundance of fine bubbles, notes of soft lemon sherbet tease your palate whilst aromas of baked apple, nougat and brioche hit the nose.

This year, their Kings Cuvée won Best Classic Cuvée Vintage and the Vintners' Trophy for Top Sparkling Wine 2020.

A special message from Emma Rice, Head Winemaker at Hattingley Valley

I am very much looking forward to visiting our favourite local pub again to meet friends, enjoy fabulous food, and drink great wine and beer, as I'm sure you are too.

I live in Hampshire now, but I grew up across the border in Sussex where my local was The White Horse in Chilgrove. On a normal weekend, you will still find me enjoying a G&T or pint of beer in the bar with my brother. At the beginning of this year we took over the entire pub to celebrate my younger sister's wedding - one of the last gatherings before the pandemic became a global nightmare and lockdown meant The White Horse sadly had to close its doors.

My connection to The White Horse goes back way further and was, in fact, the very reason why I got involved in the winemaking industry. As a schoolgirl and student, I spent five years working weekends and evenings there. At first, delivering sandwiches and clearing glasses in the bar, before I graduated to the restaurant side and got a glimpse into the world of fine wine. The former owner had developed an extensive and impressive wine list, and it was a taste of Krug Champagne from the 1979 vintage that got me hooked; I have not looked back since.

When I trained as a winemaker, I imagined I'd end up working in New Zealand, Australia or California - and I have worked in all those places - but the one place I didn't think I'd be making wine was the South Downs of England. To have travelled all around the world only to end up 30 minutes from home, making award-winning sparkling wines that are enjoyed in the very place I started my odyssey in wine, is an exceptional feeling and incredibly satisfying.

As Head Winemaker at Hattingley Valley, I now often entertain visiting clients at The Woolpack, just down the road from the winery, in the Candover Valley. The food there never fails to please, and the ambience is wonderful!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and fingers crossed for a Happier New Year.