Goat's cheese tart

Asparagus, piccolo tomato and goat's cheese - a wonderfully tasty combination.

Sam at The Swan Inn in Wedmore, Somerset has kindly shared his all-time favourite vegetarian tart recipe for you to try at home. Think vibrant colours, golden flaky pastry, and fabulous flavours.

"I love making shortcrust pastry. It's great to get the kids involved, let them play with the off cuts, whilst learning about vegetables and ingredients." - Sam

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For the pastry:
  • 300g plain flour
  • 150g salted butter
  • 80g Cold water
  • Large pinch of salt
For the Filling:
  • 125g Mature cheddar
  • 125g Goat cheese
  • 4 Large organic eggs
  • 100g English asparagus
  • 80g Piccolo tomatoes
  • 1tsp Wholegrain mustard
  • 50ml Whole milk
  • Fresh basil leaves
  • Large pinch of salt
  • Good olive oil


To make the pastry, sift the flour then rub butter and flour together to form a breadcrumb consistency. Add cold water and bring mixture together to form a dough. Shape into a ball, dust with flour, wrap with parchment and rest in the fridge for 40 mins.

Take the pastry from the fridge, dust your work surface and roll out your pastry to 3mm round circle. Use your rolling pin to pick up your pastry and lay over your buttered and floured 9inch tart tin. Gently press into the tin with the tip of your fingers, be careful not to tear it. Trim your pastry leaving 20mm overlap and gently tuck it in against the outside of the tin. Prick all over with a fork and line with parchment. Fill with baking beans or whatever you can find ready to blind bake. Bake 190 degrees for 20 min then take out parchment and beans and turn down to 160 degrees for 15 minutes.

Cool for 10 minutes.

To make the filling mix the eggs, milk, mustard together and whisk, then add your grated cheddar, goats cheese and salt. Slice the asparagus lengthways and blanch in boiling water for 30 sec. Refresh into cold water then dry on kitchen paper. Slice the tomatoes in half and pick the basil leaves.

Lay half of the asparagus in the bottom of the tart case then top with the cheese and egg mix. Next to the tart with the rest of the asparagus, tomatoes and basil leaves. Drizzle with olive oil then bake for 30-40 mins on 180 degrees.


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