Double Dutch Cocktail

Sipping in the Sun


  • 50ml of your favourite vodka
  • 10ml elderflower cordial
  • 15ml lime juice (about half a lime)
  • Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon
  • 3 strawberries


Pour the vodka into a highball glasses.

Add your elderflower cordial and lime juice.

Chop 2 of the strawberries and muddle with the elderflower, lime juice and vodka mix.

Fill the glass with ice.

Top up with Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon.

Stir to mix ingredients and garnish with a fresh strawberry on the rim of the glass.

If you need some ingredients

If you are in need of any of the ingredients, both Double Dutch and Chase Distillery have their online shops up and running for home delivery.