We are here to support our entire community - you, our Collection, and your and our customers. We are committed to do all that we can to help drive footfall to your businesses and to help reduce costs.

We know that we will rebound from this, and believe that by pulling together we can lessen the impact.

The following are some of the things that we are doing for now, and to help drive trade for when restrictions ease.

Our support - now and future

  • Opening up our voucher system for any site that needs a fast, easy-to-use digital system so that you can issue vouchers for any cancellations, to help your teams turn cancellations into future bookings (rooms and pre-paid F&B)
  • Continuing to promote British escapes, the countryside, getting outside and getting fresh air
  • Marketing local experiences with a focus on limiting travel
  • Capitalising on the strong media enquiries for staycation focused articles to drive future bookings
  • Accelerating launch of our Epicurean Market Place to offer you reduce costs through our combined Collection buying power
  • Working with our partner brands to get product and activations in place to drive footfall to your business when it is responsible to do so
  • Ensuring we are here to offer advice, guidance and flexibility to our Collection and our customers via email and phone


The government's call to limit socialising, especially with the elderly and infirm has not been introduced. This will hit Mother's Day, the build-up to Easter, which are all about family gatherings, and future room bookings.

We see vouchers for your individual sites being a good way to promote customer trust, and maintain revenue at a future date by ensuring you convert cancellations to future bookings. If you do not have a simple to use digital voucher portal we can set one up immediately free of charge to enable your team to convert cancellations into future bookings.

Please let us know if you would like to make use of this offer and we will set this up and share details of how it will work.

Please let us know if you would like to make use of this offer and we can immediately set this up and share details of how this will work.

Contact us: +44 (0)20 8161 0100 or enquiries@epicurean.club

Epicurean Market Place

Before the arrival of coronavirus, cost pressures were high; now, more than then, there is no time to waste to drive lower costs.

Using our community of partnerships, we have negotiated on behalf of our Epicurean Collection to provide immediate bottom line growth for our Inn Club members:

  • drinks and business solutions at market leading prices
  • support packages including cellar investment, training, technichal support and emergency delivery
  • easy access to all the benefits of the Inn Club with no change to your systems

We also know that quality of service, reliability, support, ease of use and credit terms are just as important as price, so have chosen our partners carefully to ensure that your trust is rewarded.

We have brought these all together in one place - the Epicurean Market Place.

We will be gradually rolling this out across our Collection over the coming weeks. If you would like to receive early access, please let us know.

Contact us:

+44 (0)20 8161 0100 or enquiries@epicurean.club


We understand the power of our community and shared, good quality, advice.

  • Put in place a strong, clear policy to reassure guests: cleanliness, hygiene, etc.

  • Have a clear policy on cancellations, refunds etc. and ensure your front of house team is fully briefed.
  • Do not drop your rates reactively, but tie this in with a longer-term policy; do not drop rates lower than you would for a tactical promotion to ensure you can put them back up later
  • Protect profit: stocking, pricing and supply costs; rotas and use of salaried v. hourly staff; turning lights off, not using products unnecessarily

Next steps

We would welcome any other ideas as to how we can support you, or any further thoughts and advice you may have that is more inn-specific and we can share this with our Epicurean community.

We want to help our entire Collection to succeed - by helping to mitigate any immediate pressures and to ensure a strong base for the future.