Cleaning products and chemicals

Cleaning products are essential for the smooth operation of your site, but boring! It should be part of the business that is set up, and that runs itself, with as low a cost as possible.

We have partnered with the family-run Sybron to bring you a full range of cleaning, hygiene and disposable products, including their eco-friendly options which also command fantastic savings.

Savings so far for groups buying through us and Sybron are showing 34%+ savings as well as having acces to their top tier training and support, backed up by InnuScience.

Cleaning products, hygiene and disposables

We are introducing Sybron as our trusted supplier of cleaning, hygiene, and disposable products. To date we have run trials with over 20 inns to ensure the quality of products convert into real savings, and with over 34% savings proven compared to Chemex and other market leaders of chemical cleaning products, why not find out what you can save too.

Hand Sanitiser

Our range of hand sanitiser products are provided by Sybron, Chase Distillery, and Bramley, to provide you with a comprehensive selection of day-to-day sanitisers through to premium offerings made in the British countryside.

We understand that delivery pressures may exist for hand sanitisers and that guest confidence is likely to be reliant on the availability of hand sanitisers. We have negotiated great prices from a range of different suppliers to ensure both consistency of supply as well as different options for front of house and back of house.

Steam Cleaning & Fogging

We appreciate that all of our inns are enhancing cleaning and sanitising standards to ensure both guests and staff are not only satisfied but safe and confident to return. A number of sites have already opted for Steam Cleaning and Chemical Fogging to take them to a Gold Standard.

We have negotiated with OspreyDeepclean to exclusively offer our inns a 20% discount off of two package deals that include multi-function steam and vacuum machines, compact steam cleaners, plus the tools and chemicals needed for Fogging.

Thomas Stuecken, Chairman of OspreyDC, has committed to personally oversee the enquiries and orders made by our inns. His team have secured a regular supply of fogging chemical to make sure they are ready for reorders while demand is high.