About Epicurean Market Place

Epicurean Market Place

We understand that in the current climate cost pressures are high and that there is no time to waste to drive lower costs.

Using our community of partnerships and the combined buying power of the 175+ (and growing) inns within the Collection, we are negotiating on behalf of our Epicurean Collection to provide immediate bottom line growth for our Inn Club members:

  • flexible options giving Inn Club members the freedom to choose and integrate with existing suppliers;
  • drinks, products and business solutions at market leading prices;
  • support packages including cellar investment, training, technical support and emergency delivery; and
  • easy access to all the benefits of the Inn Club with no change to your systems.

We also know that quality of service, reliability, support, ease of use and credit terms are just as important as price, so have chosen our partners carefully to ensure that your trust is rewarded.

We have brought these all together in one place - the Epicurean Market Place.

Market Place Partners

  • Wine: full range to allow totally bespoke wine lists all at market leading prices.
  • Champagnes & Sparkling Wines: full range including award-winning English sparkling.
  • Spirits: full range from house serves to premium and local options.
  • Minerals & Softs: full range including fantastic rates on tonic water and premium alcohol-free alternatives.
  • Cleaning Chemicals: full range of cleaning products, hygiene and disposables including eco-friendly chemical free options.
  • Toiletries: full range all sourced from environmentally friendly and sustainable brands.
  • Property Management and booking platform systems: designed especially for your business.

Coming soon: Lagers, ales, ciders, & stouts, Bespoke Insurance, Payment processing & PDQs, Telecoms, Energy & utilities, Mattresses, Cooking oil, Kitchen & catering equipment.