About Enotria&Coe


Enotria&Coe share The Epicurean Club's values and, we believe, firmly understand the needs of the Epicurean Market Place. At the core of their business are:

  • obsessive product knowledge;
  • the creation of strong partnerships; and
  • a commitment to excellence in everything they do.

We have chosen them not only on the quality of their commitment, but also through experience of using them.

We believe that the partnership can grow alongside the Epicurean Club to deliver long-term cost savings and meaningful added value for the Collection.

Cutting edge supply chain

Enotria&Coe have invested in their own supply chain (including 8 regional hubs across the UK) and delivery fleet. Together with cutting-edge delivery tracking and invoicing, they guarantee the best service in the UK. E&C’s systems are set up for the future of supply.

Wine merchant of the year

Enotria&Coe’s high-quality portfolio earned them the Wine Merchant of the Year accolade in 2019 from the Sommelier Wine Awards.