A Helping Hand

In these uncertain times, we all need to help each other to stay safe, fed and to do our bit to help those most in need.

The response to the crisis by our Friends and Collection is testament to what the Epicurean Club is - a community.

We've been blown away by the response, ingenuity, compassion and entrepreneurial spirit of all our inns and their dedication to supporting both customers and their team members, trying to protect the thing we all love, the great British pub and inn. We're incredibly proud of their efforts under considerable pressure, and we are doing everything we can to help support them.

Having shut as a pub, sites are showing ingenuity and adaptability - becoming takeaways, delivery services, farm shops, bottle shops, pharmacies and virtual cooking demonstrators… and, in our opinion the most vital, in doing so continuing to provide the dependable, reassuring presence that acts as a counselling and support service for so many. Those sites which have taken the decision to temporarily close have been met with messages of overwhelming support and good fortune - they are being missed and their return is being heavily anticipated.

Our inns have been supported by their suppliers and partners, landlords and employees to ensure they can continue to be of service to you. Please, continue to support them.


We have been speaking to various parties to work out how we, and you, can support, and we need your help, and we are here to help you.

There is a huge shortage of labour in a number of sectors crucial to the national interest; we have a surplus of labour in the hospitality sector following the closure of pubs, cafés and restaurants.

We have set up a facility for employees across the Collection (and anyone else) to register their details if they would like to volunteer, or indeed for paid employment to support themselves or their families. We are working on how to match surplus labour to the shortage through our networks.

If you need help in your organisations or communities, please click below to register and we can help match people in your area.

Together, we will get through this crisis as a community.

Keep Up To Date

Over the next few weeks (and for as long as restrictions are in place) we will be sharing on social media the amazing inns, their stories, the people and what they are doing!

These include lots of ways they remain there to help you - including grocery deliveries.

Every day our brilliant landlords are finding new ways to survive and most importantly serve the local community, this is what pubs and inns are all about and why they play such a special part in our lives.

Please follow us on social media to keep up to date in what is happening in your local area.​

  • Stay safe and socially responsible by respecting government guidelines to help us get through this as quickly as possible
  • Follow our updates on social media and share the heartwarming stories and campaigns - they really will brighten up your days
  • Tell others about the work our community and Collection are doing - together, as a community, we can help beat this faster
  • Ask for help if you need it

Once again, and most importantly, we hope you stay well over this time period.